Collection on the Fly

For PFF's analysts, keeping a close eye on games is their job, but it didn't have to be a pain. They just needed a solution that worked at their speed.

Pro Football Focus came back to us to craft a data collection application intended to replace the system of spreadsheets they kept on Microsoft Access database. With the provision of fine-grain game data being their bread and butter, there were quite the number of form fields to grapple with. I worked closely with company analysts to fine-tune the flow from datapoint to datapoint over the course of a play. When everything was said and done, analysts were wrapping up the collection of a given game's data within an hour of a game's completion, not days.

Cutting through commercials

With as arduous as the data collection process is, making the process of entering data as it becomes apparent to an analyst as seamless as possible is key. We established a form field order and tab continuity consistent with their process, and also introduced a system of hotkeys to allow for play traversal in order to make any updates to the data during breaks in play. All of this translated into time saved not having to fight both the software and the DVR.

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